Constitution / Cyfansoddiad



1. This is the constitution and structure for a Sovereign independent democratic State of Wales, meaning full national status and full Sovereignty for Wales under a fully constitutional democratic representative parliamentary system and a written constitution. This being the first known Sovereign Welsh State constitution in recent history.

2. The Welsh nation has a natural, universal and inalienable right to Sovereignty, to determine its own relations with other nations, and to develop its life, political, economical and cultural, in accordance with its own needs and aspirations. This is the constitution of that Sovereign Welsh nation state.

3. A Sovereign State of Wales will exist in the existing territorial borders of
Wales and include all its territorial waters and islands, all its inland waters, its lands and its airspace.

4. A Sovereign State of Wales will be a fully autonomous sovereign independent and democratic nation state.

5. A Sovereign Welsh State will negotiate freely and as an equal with other governments of other lands and nations and will seek mutual understanding and cooperation with all other nations and peoples.

6. All persons are created equal. No one person is or should be the subject of another nor should one set of people be deemed superior to another. Sovereignty belongs to the people of Wales, not to any government based in another country, to any Crown or to anyone or anything else. The people of Wales shall run their own country by putting their good faith and trust into their democratically elected representatives who are the servants of the people and not the other way round.

7. Wales duly claims all its territorial waters from the crown estate, both inshore/foreshore and offshore, all marine and land based rights and ownership, including gold, silver and all other mines and minerals. Wales therefore duly claims all the rights on fishing, mining, oil exploration, tidal and offshore wind farms and all other renewable and non renewable energies and resources within the designated territorial waters and borders of Wales, as defined by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and within Universal rights, Natural and International Law and UN charter.

8. The country’s name to be either officially known as Cymru or / and Wales, or ‘Gwladwriaeth Sofren Cymru’ / ‘Sovereign State of Wales’ or/and ‘Gladwriaeth Genedlaethol Sofren Cymru’ or/and ‘Sovereign Nation State of Wales’ being an optional descriptive title. A further official name will be ‘The Republic of Wales’ / ‘Gweriniaeth Cymru’. Name of citizens will be, as is now; ‘Cymry’ (Singular – Cymro/Cymraes) and / or ‘Welsh’

9. As it is now, the national flag of Cymru /Wales of the red dragon on a green and white background will be our main official national flag, to be f1own on all Government and state maintained buildings.

10. The official languages of Cymru /Wales are Cymraeg /Welsh and English / Saesneg, and the two shall have equal official status. The rich heritage of Cymraeg /Welsh and English/Saesneg in Welsh life and culture will be celebrated, with both choices of languages available on the basic Welsh educational curriculum and in the public sector at the very least.

11. Welsh law/The law of Wales will apply in all circumstances whether it is similar or equal to other laws or not.

12. All the natural resources of Cymru /Wales including the air, water, all forms of potential energy and all the royalties and franchises within its borders belong to the Welsh state, on behalf of the people of Wales.

13. All land and all mines, minerals, waters and property which belonged to the previous devolved Welsh Government/United Kingdom Government/state immediately before the coming into operation of this constitution will belong to the new Welsh Sovereign State of Wales administered by the Welsh Government on
behalf of the people of Wales.

14. All revenues of the state from whatever source will, subject to such exception as may be provided by law, form one fund, and will be used for the purposes of the state via a responsible Government who wishes the best for its people and their long term and vital interests.

15. The Welsh state will have a full and comprehensive democratic Legislative Parliament, Executive Government and Judiciary. The Welsh state will also have a Welsh Treasury with full tax raising and fiscal powers in all areas as part of the Governments remit. All these are answerable to the people of Wales /the Welsh nation via their elected representatives in the Welsh Parliament and Government in a Sovereign State of Wales.

16. A Welsh Judicial law and courts system will be re established in Wales under a Sovereign State of Wales, which will mean an end to the antiquated legal entity of ‘England and Wales’. A Welsh Judiciary will have powers of judicial review of the law/s determined by Welsh Parliament, who will be obliged to act on suggested amendments. Ultimate legislative power will lie with the (Legislative) Parliament as they are the democratically elected representatives of the people. We reinstate that Wales never entered into a political union with England; the laws in Wales acts of 1536 –1543 were a judicial annexation only and not a political union chosen via any democratic or parliamentary means.

17. All powers of Government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial ultimately derive from the people of Wales, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the country and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of major national policy.

18. It is the birthright and entitlement of every person born in Wales, which includes all its island and seas, to be part of the Welsh nation and citizens of the country of Wales. That is also the entitlement of all other persons otherwise qualified and / or accepted in accordance with Welsh law and the constitution, to be citizens of Wales in the present or in the future.

19. Physically, the territory of Wales will be the existing territorial borders of Wales, its earth, seas and skies. A Welsh citizenship test and an allegiance and pledge of loyalty to protect Wales, its people and its democracy, its lands, waters, resources and its shared common values. Welsh citizenship will be automatically and officially handed to any person permanently and legally living or born within the territory of Wales at the time of the new Sovereign State of Wales officially coming in to existence. Any baby/babies born here after that will automatically get Welsh citizenship if one of the parents is a legal Welsh national. Otherwise all other legal guidelines will apply.

20. Any person, wherever they are in the world, with a Welsh born parent will also be allowed automatic Welsh citizenship if applied for and having passed a basic legality test. In the case of having a Welsh grandparent/s the same will apply but with also a need to prove income generation and/or work as well as a basic legality and citizenship test.

21. Students and post graduates studying in Wales will have up to a 4 years before having to apply for citizenship or work visas. A person of non-Welsh citizenship married to a Welsh citizen would also have to apply for Welsh citizenship after four years of living in Wales.

22. People not wishing to apply for Welsh citizenship will be allowed to work in Wales for up to six months and would need to apply for a work visa before the end of the six months if they wanted to stay longer, which could keep being issued for up to four years, after which they would need to apply for citizenship. European laws will change some of these arrangements if European membership or any other agreement occurs.

23. New immigrants will be allowed to apply for Welsh citizenship based on qualification and skill levels, with a capped limit set every year. New Welsh citizenship applications will allow for naturalisation after these and all other statutory criteria have been met and complied with.

24. Unless any of the other guidelines apply, applicants who have already been living in Wales will have to have been legally living and/or working in Wales for at least a 4 year period (with a total of 8 months allowed away from Wales within this period), being of basic good character, being legal and lawful in all other ways, passing a basic Welsh citizenship test and signing and reciting the following oath of fidelity in a Welsh court;

“I do solemnly sincerely promise and declare that I will maintain the Constitution
of Wales and uphold its laws and the laws of the land, that I will fulfill my duties faithfully and in accordance with the constitution and the law, and that my aspirations and capabilities will also be to the service and welfare of the people and the country of Cymru/Wales, as well as to my immediate self and family”

25. The Welsh Government and State will, on its part, serve the people by promising to protect all its citizens to the best of its abilities, its lands, its seas and airspace, to protect and supply Wales’ energy, food and water resources, human rights and all other rights written in this constitution. A Welsh state will offer free health and school education to its citizens as well as welfare to those in real need of it. Further and higher education and training should always sought to be provided free to all Welsh citizens where possible.

26. A Sovereign Welsh State will establish a Welsh National Power Grid connecting North, Mid and South Wales which makes sure Wales becomes a self sufficient and prosperous nation from the proper control of its own renewable energy and excess selling on to other countries now and in the future (and all renewable energies both from the sea, the land and airspace).The Welsh state and Government shall run the Welsh grid as well as Wales’s main water reservoirs and water infrastructure and distribute all profits back into the Welsh nation and people. The main railway lines and routes of Wales will also be re-opened and nationalised to properly and efficiently join north, mid and south, east and west. New routes will also be built where needed. The economical and national wellbeing and connectivity of the country will be of paramount importance.

27. A Sovereign Welsh State will establish a Welsh Coal Board as well as a Welsh Gas board, to secure and regulate the coal that is left in Wales and to pioneer clean coal and gas technology in Wales.

28. A National Bank of Wales will be established as the national bank of Wales and the only institution allowed to print money. Wales will establish its own pound, if necessary pegged on parity to the Sterling pound or any other secure currency, depending on circumstances. Sterling could also be recognised as currency in Wales unless or until a Sovereign Welsh Government decides otherwise. A Welsh exchange rate will also be established if deemed necessary by Welsh Parliament. Crucially, an annual budget given to the Welsh Government by the Bank of Wales will be non-repayable. In other words it will be debt free and no interest or loan will have to be paid back whatsoever; it will be given not lent. The Welsh Government will be able to add tax revenues to this annual budget and would be allowed to save or carry any money received forward to the next year if it so wished.

29. An independent non-partisan Welsh Monetary Committee made up of proven and experienced economists will be set up to advise and lead the government on how much money they should ask for from the National Bank of Wales each year, and to also advise the Bank how much money it can print for itself each year. The Government will be obliged to take their advice but if they decide not to, the Monetary Committee will be allowed to decide the budget and terms the year after: the duties coming back to the Welsh Government the following year. The WMC’s salaries will be basic but adequate and also set in law. They will not be allowed any bonuses or to benefit personally from their decisions in any way whatsoever. The WMC will base its decisions on sustainable inflation targets and will have a holistic overall view of the Welsh economy, with every incentive to support the national economy rather than to maximise bonuses for themselves.

30. If the Westminster Government agrees to carry out their commitment to ensuring full sovereign self government to Wales by all political and economical means, as is signed in the United Nations Charter XI Article 73 and 74 ‘Declaration regarding Non Self Governing Territories’, and the Welsh budget is gradually transferred from London to Wales over time, then the National Bank of Wales will not need to print any money within this period (although will still have this ability in theory) If no gradual transfer agreement is made between the London Treasury and the Welsh Government then The National Bank of Wales may be instructed to print the full annual budget needed for the Welsh Government under a Sovereign State of Wales.

31. If necessary, and as a guide amount only, a one off payment of £40 billion Welsh pounds will initially be given to the Welsh Government by the National Bank of Wales, before reverting to a lower sustainable yearly budget if needed. A lowest and highest potential annual Government budget from the National Bank of Wales will be agreed and set, in order to allow some flexibility for the economy if necessary. The Monetary Committee will also advise the Bank of Wales on the amount it should print for its own use every year, with the same decision making and accountability system as the one in place with the Welsh Government.

32. A Welsh banking system will always be accountable to the Welsh Government rather than the government being accountable to the banking system. All the money, savings and pensions kept by the National Bank of Wales on behalf of the people will be secure and guaranteed, backed up by gold, silver, metal and other sellable commodities. All of the banking and financial sections in the National Bank of Wales will have yearly caps put on them to make sure the whole bank stays secure and sustainable. Only the lending/mortgage accounts will be allowed to charge interest rates, which will go towards the general running of the bank. The National Bank of Wales will, by law, have to keep all current accounts and pension funds as safe deposit accounts only and will not be allowed to touch/spend/lend this money. Saving and lending accounts will be capped and inter dependent. In other words only the saving funds can be lent to borrowers, all within the capped limits. An insurance and mortgage section of the National Bank of Wales will also be capped annually. The Welsh Government will officially give the Bank of Wales permission for printing money every year after all proper advice and guidance has been received from the Welsh Monetary Committee.

33. Upon establishment of the National Bank of Wales, all citizens of Wales will each receive a lump sum of Welsh currency (£3000 each being a guide amount at the time of writing) in order to stimulate and kick start the Welsh economy. The bank will also set aside a capped yearly allowed sum for any commercial bank/s that may want to buy/exchange Welsh money for their own purpose, all of which will be regulated by a Welsh banking code of practice.

34. If the Welsh Government and Monetary Committee enter any kind of extended discussion or legal dispute that prevents an agreement before the start of a new financial budget year then the Bank of Wales will be allowed to go ahead and print the middle sum between the lower and higher default settings, for themselves and for the Welsh Government budget. The Welsh Government will be allowed to scrutinise and audit the Monetary Committee and the Bank of Wales at any time, with all records also being available for public scrutiny.

35. The Peoples Profits – Five years after all fees have been received from the Westminster treasury, or five years after the Welsh economy is sustainable and stable, on each St Davids day/March the 1st, a share of the Welsh Governments profit over the tax year will be shared between all the citizens of Wales if the profit of the state is 1/3 or over what is allocated/spent in its annual budget. Parents will keep the share for any children under 16 in special accounts . As a guide we recommend that this share should be 33.34 % of this profit. This scheme can only be temporarily revoked in times of war or national emergency.

36. The Welsh State and Government will be allowed to charge taxes, which will be fair, proportional and tightly controlled.

37. Any eligible Welsh citizen having reached his or her 16th birthday will be eligible to vote. Each citizens vote will be by means of a secret ballot. Voting for Members of Senedd will be first past the post for constituent members and proportional representation by single transferrable vote for regional members.

38. Any person over 21 years of age will be allowed to stand to become a MOS /Member of Senedd if a legal Welsh citizen. Any person will have to be at least 25 and a legal Welsh citizen to stand for Prime Minister and at least 30 to stand as Presidential Ambassador. All Prime Ministers and Presidential Ambassadors of Wales will be eligible to stand for three terms. All Welsh Prime ministers will have to be free of any major conflicting and/or vested interests, will sign and recite the oath of fidelity to Wales, its people, constitution and laws before they can apply for the position of Prime minister. Each Senedd term will be five years. Every Welsh Prime minister will have had to be born in Wales or have at least one Welsh parent or have permanently lived here for at least ten years. He or she will be able to choose the cabinet of his or her choice after receiving advice and guidance from The Council of state.

39. A Citizen Chamber will be established to scrutinise new Welsh legislation and hold the Senedd politicians to account. They will be made up of a mixture of experts from an inclusive scope of areas, and from citizens chosen in the same way as juries, chosen from all different areas of Wales. Each new set of people in a Citizen Chamber will be there for one Parliament term. A maximum 10% of the total Citizen Chamber can be ex Assembly members, ex Members of Senedd or ex Members of the Welsh Westminster Parliament.

40. There shall be an Attorney General who will be the adviser of the Government in matters of law and legal opinion, and shall exercise and perform all such powers, functions and duties as are trusted and imposed on him by this constitution and/or by law. The Attorney General shall be nominated, appointed, and elected by the Welsh Parliament every term and he/she together with the office of the Attorney General’s salary/ies shall be regulated by law. The Attorney General shall not be a member of the Government.

41. There shall be an independent non partisan office of Controller and Auditor General within the Welsh Government and Treasury, to audit all accounts of moneys administered by the Welsh Treasury/Central account. They will be there atall times to monitor and audit all the money paid in and out of the Welsh Treasury/Central account, which is money entrusted by the Welsh people to be spent wisely and legally through the Welsh Government’s Cabinet and Treasury. The office of Controller and Auditor General can also ask to audit the accounts of The National Bank of Wales. No money shall be taken from the Welsh Treasury without due process of Welsh law and Government regulation. The Welsh Government will also have power to audit the National Bank of Wales as it deems fit, as well as audit its own accounts separately from the office of Auditor General.

42. There shall be a non partisan Council of State to aid and counsel the Prime Minister of Wales on all matters, which the Prime Minister may always consult in relation to advice on the exercises and performance of his/her duties and capabilities, and all other Welsh constitutional, national and international affairs

43. Any Welsh Prime minister or Welsh politician may be impeached by members of the Senedd if definitive proof is produced showing he or she to be deliberately not upholding the constitution of Wales, trying to change it via any non democratic parliamentary representative ways, or instigating an illegal attack of any kind on any country, including Cymru/Wales.

44. A non party affiliated and non partisan Welsh Presidential Ambassador will be voted in every Senedd term, half by a public vote and half by Senedd vote; to act as a figurehead head of state, embody a ‘spirit of Wales’ in the modern world and be a modern international Ambassador and host for a range of visitors to Wales. A Presidential Ambassador will be allowed to suggest amendments to legislation passed through the Welsh Parliament and/or Citizen Chamber, which the Senedd can reject if it wishes to. He or she will have to be over 30 years of age. He or she can be voted in for no more than three term times with each term time being five years. They will be allowed to try to stand as members of the Welsh Parliament or as Prime ministers of Wales if they have served at least two terms as Presidential Ambassadors.

He or she will also be able to hold the Parliament to account if wanted as well, but will not have power to overrule. A Presidential Ambassador will have the same neutral non partisan Council of State to aid and counsel him as the Prime
Minister of Wales. Ultimate power of decision will rest with the Prime Minister
of Wales.

45. If, in times of extreme emergency such as war, natural disasters or other unforeseen events, and if Members of Senedd have perished or are not available to govern and legislate for whatever reason, a minimum of 10 Members of Senedd will be allowed to govern all necessary areas, including financial. If no Members of Senedd are available, an emergency team of state experts agreed upon by Senedd members will temporarily run the country, until such time as things can be returned to normal and new Members of Senedd elected if necessary.

46. A Sovereign State of Wales will establish all that is needed for the official establishment of Welsh Armed Forces, Welsh Navy, Welsh Air Force and Security Services for Wales, which will be under the full control of a Sovereign democratic Welsh Government and state. The Welsh Armed Forces will be a modern, relevant, efficient and flexible highly trained multipurpose force, who’s first duty will be the protection and defence of Wales’ sovereignty, its citizens, its territory, its constitution, it’s natural resources, and a maintaining of infrastructure and security in the case of any environmental or manmade crisis or disaster.

47. An Army, Air force and Navy military advisory group will be established utilising the best of Wales’ military experts and security planners so that Wales is served by the best possible military, navy and security advice and insight. A Welsh Army, Navy and Air force will have the highest standards of training and equipment available to them and will make full use of our existing Welsh Army training camps and bases, as well as establish a combined Navy and Coastguard/Search and Rescue, Coastal Patrol Fleet and training academies within newly developed Welsh Naval ports. No other military or armed forces except ones governed by the Welsh state and government may be raised or used for any purpose whatsoever. This does not mean that individuals don’t have a right to own firearms/weapons if they have legal license to do so, or to protect themselves with proportional and reasonable force from attack if need be.

48. The Welsh Armed Forces will be a volunteer rather than conscripted force, unless otherwise required for defence readiness. The minimum age to join will be 18 years of age.

49. The Welsh Armed Forces will be answerable to the Welsh Government. Final legal permission for any acts of defence and/or military action will ultimately reside with the Welsh Prime Minister or, in the unlikely event, an emergency cabinet or emergency state team.

50. A Welsh Police Force will serve and protect the public, and keep law and order on behalf of the Sovereign State of Wales and all its citizens. They will be regulated by an independent body, decided upon by a team of non-governmental and experienced experts with no vested interest or links. Reasonable and proportional force may be used when protecting the public and community in response to any undue violence, or when any violence is used against members of the police force. This will always be under the scrutiny and review of the independent regulators.

51. All institutions and services that serve the citizens of Wales will be built and based in Wales including all Welsh jails, youth detention and remand centers and all army veteran or rehabilitation centers servicing the ex servicemen of Wales. Other relevant institutions are a Welsh Broadcasting Cooperation, a Welsh internet and telecommunications zone and its regulatory body for Wales, an independent Office of Media and Communications for Wales, a Welsh National Trust, a Welsh Commission for Racial Equality, a Welsh Press and Media Complaints Commission, a Welsh music and royalty collecting agency for all the musicians, film makers and publishers of Wales and a Wales Electoral Commission. All other institutions, authorities, foundations and societies whose prime concern is to represent the interests of the Welsh nation and all its citizens will be rooted in Wales and answerable to the Welsh nation and Government.

52. A Welsh Government will robustly control and manage migration into Wales with strict annual immigration limits and caps set so that immigration does not unduly drain the Welsh public money, economy and resources, and so that new immigrants and the host communities get a chance to assimilate effectively and harmoniously. An immigration office will be established to control all immigration in to Wales, to assist newcomers and to detain and extradite illegal entries.

53. The Welsh state and nation will have full independence in all sports and other recognised competitions, including all international events. This will include a Wales Olympic team and means the official opportunity for all players and competitors to describe or define themselves of Welsh nationality and /or citizenship

54. The Welsh Government and State shall be completely separate from the church or from any direct religious or doctrine influence on governmental, judicial or constitutional matters at all times. The law of the Welsh State will be the law of the land and can only be changed through democratic parliamentary means.

55. March the 1st St Davids day, the birth day of the Patron Saint of Wales Dewi Sant will be an official holiday for everyone in Wales. Five years after economic stability and viability for the Sovereign State of Wales, and if the profit of the Welsh Government is over a certain amount each year, a peoples profit share will be paid to all Welsh citizens on this day. This scheme can only be temporarily revoked in times of war or national emergency.

56. A Sovereign Wales will not automatically enter the European Union or any other political union. No European Union policies or regulations passed and /or implemented / being implemented by the previous United Kingdom Government or devolved Welsh Government apply. Non-binding and reversible economic, free trade and free movement agreements with Europe and /or other regions, countries and/or unions should be considered and discussed rationally by a democratic Welsh Parliament, and within the context of a Sovereign State of Wales at all times. A national vote may be taken on European membership if asked for by the people. All points stated here deal with Wales as a Sovereign country/state first and foremost, with open debate and dialogue on any other membership in all potential forms welcomed.

57. Any European or any other defence treaties will only be considered be if they are legal and moral. Sovereignty and decision making relating to Wales will always rest with the democratically elected representatives of a Sovereign Welsh State.

58. All persons are created equal. No one person is or should be the subject of
another nor should one set of people be deemed superior to another. Unelected representatives presiding over Welsh affairs is not a democratic or sustainable way forward for Wales. A Sovereign State of Wales will offer the family of the Royal House of Windsor the same warm Welsh welcome as is offered to anyone wishing to visit and enjoy Wales. Anyone, including members of the Royal House of Windsor family who wishes to promote Wales in the world with the interests and aspirations of Wales and its people in mind would be most encouraged to do so.

59. No groups, body, programme, scheme or society: secret or otherwise, will be allowed to train or involve any Welsh Government or Senedd members, civil servants, Local Authorities, Unitary Authorities, town and village councils orcommittees, or within any non-governmental, inter governmental, charity or volunteer organisations without full disclosure, transparency and accountability This will help to prevent any corruption or undue influence by negative influences.

60. A comprehensive and balanced history of Wales and its long, rich and varied history, from earliest times to the present day, within the context of Britain/Celtic Britain, Europe and the world will be properly taught on the Welsh curriculum as part of the teaching of history. A nation that doesn’t have a full grasp of all its own rich heritage and past shows negligence on behalf of an education system and ultimately a Government. It is a states responsibility to teach the full and inclusive history of a nation and the wider world in which it is set to its children and young adults in a comprehensive, balanced and transparent way.

61. Wales accepts the recognised principles of international law as its rule of conduct in its relations with other states.

62. There will be a cap put on how much any party can spend on elections in one year as well as raise in one year. Parties will be allowed to save and carry on profits to forthcoming years.

63. Any dealings between private companies and the Government will be for the betterment of Wales and not for individual gain only. No company or corporation will be able to buy their way in to political influence.

64. Most of this constitution is open to Welsh parliamentary amendments if necessary but only after a new fully democratic Welsh Parliament and Government within a Welsh Sovereign State has been officially established. Unless otherwise stated, an amendment/amendments will require a bill to be passed by majority vote in the Senedd and the Citizen Chamber. Only in the following areas will no amendments be allowed; the sovereignty and all sovereign rights of Wales including all its territories and territorial rights, the individual and property rights of Wales’ citizens as outlined in point 69 of this constitution, the main duties of the Welsh Armed Forces as outlined in point 46 of this constitution, the full accountability of the banking system of Wales to the Welsh Government and state, and the banning of any lending of money for the purpose of the Welsh Governments budget. An amendment or amendments may be made to this constitution prior to official Welsh state sovereignty, but only for the purpose of facilitating any technical, legal, or any other unforeseen areas or points that have not been stated, and which need to be created/amended in order for the creation of and/or transition to a Sovereign Welsh State. All laws already passed and/or implemented in Wales through the devolved Welsh Assembly, Senedd and Welsh Government can be automatically transferred to a fully independent Welsh Government within a Sovereign State of Wales and may be amended under
legislation of a Welsh Parliament under Welsh Sovereignty.

65. The powers of a Welsh Government under Welsh Sovereignty are reversible only by or on the authority of the organs of state established by this constitution

66. This written constitution will guarantee, under law, everyone’s right to freely vote, speak and assemble in non violent protest. We swear to oppose all forms of imperialism, chauvinism and racism. We swear to oppose all forms of
discrimination and /or persecution on the grounds of ethnic origin, religion, place of birth, gender, age, disability, sexuality or language. These principles will be brought about by a freely elected Welsh Government with full control of Wales’s revenues.

67. Treason will only exist in extreme circumstance resulting from levying war against the state, by physical, technological or other means, or assisting any state, group, system, person or persons, or inciting or conspiring with any person to levy war against the state, or in attempting by force of arms or any violent or other means to overthrow the organs of government or government itself established by this constitution, or taking part or being involved / coerced in, inciting or conspiring with any person, technology or system to take part or be concerned in any such attempt. A Welsh court under a jury system would be necessary in the unlikely event of a treason case.

Individual rights / Hawliau unigolion

68. All citizens will be held equal before the law but with due regard to differences of capacity, physically and mentally.

69. No citizen will be deprived of his or her personal liberty, individual rights or personal property except in accordance with the law of the land. The personal property of any man or woman will be his/hers to do with as they wish as long as it is lawful.

70. All Welsh citizens are guaranteed liberty for the exercise of freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom of the press, of the media, of peaceful assembly and protest, freedom of voting by private (secret) ballot, the right to petition the Government, the right to criticise the Government and to obtain detailed information on its policies These are all subject to common sense public order and legality, defamation, slander and incitement to hatred laws. The Welsh state will be allowed to keep military/security information secret only if deemed necessary for the good of the overall security of Wales and its people.

71. The Government / State shall have a right to intervene outside of its general remit only in extreme and exceptional circumstances: if it deems that the common safety, good of the community and security of the nation is under threat or that public order or morality, or the general wellbeing is being undermined.

72. All forms of discrimination and /or persecution on the grounds of ethnic origin,
religion, place of birth, gender, age, disability, sexuality or language will be opposed and answerable to Welsh law.

73. If in times of war, attack or extreme natural emergencies, the Welsh Government/State will be allowed to do what is reasonable and necessary to protect its citizens and territory with appropriate and proportional actions. The
safety and security of its citizens, its territory and sovereignty will be the underlining concern at all times.

74. Provision may be only made by law to prevent or control meetings or
arrangements which are determined in accordance with law to prevent the Senedd and Government of Wales from carrying out its democratic responsibilities and /or to be a danger to the general public.

75. All Welsh citizens will have protection from unreasonable and undue search and seizure and should be secure in their persons, houses, property and effects from such undue searches. Warrants and their legal affirmation will be required for the search or seizure of property or person/s within their properties, denoting the place to be searched and/or person or thing to be seized. A warrant will also be needed for the seizure of any person in general, unless caught in the act, highly suspected, or found to be breaking any law that is an arrestable offence.

76. Citizens will be allowed to use proportional and reasonable force to defend themselves, their homes and property from attack and invasion, and have the right to keep firearms/weapons on and in their property, subject to legal licensing.

77. No citizen will be deprived of liberty or property without due process of law, nor will private property be taken for public or any other use without just compensation. All citizens involved in cases other than minor offences dealt with by magistrates and/or county courts, will have a right to trial by impartial jury, to be tried in the area of the offence where possible, to have the right to call on witnesses for their defence, and have the right to legal assistance for their defence. They will also have the right to be told what any accusation against them is and be confronted by the witnesses against them. The right to appeal should always be in place, again by due process of law. All defendants will be deemed innocent until proven guilty. Welsh law/the law of Wales shall apply in all circumstances, whether it is similar or equal to other laws or not. The same equivalent system, answerable to Welsh law, will exist in all Welsh Armed Forces/Navy cases.

78. The citizens have fundamental rights to form associations and unions. New laws however may be made for their regulation and control if they are in breach of the peace, of danger or undue nuisance to the general public. Laws regulating associations and unions, and how the right of free assembly may be exercised will contain no political, religious, racial, gender, or class discrimination.

79. The rights of animals that are farmed, whether openly or in closer captivity, to a decent and dignified life free from undue cruelty are recognised and are subject to the appropriate law of the land, whilst undue and unnecessary cruelty and unnecessary and/or unjustified prosecution of wild animals will also be subject to the appropriate law of the land.

80. The rights listed in this Constitution does not disregard other rights retained by the people.